Day Dreaming away the Chores

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While yes, we often have to do things we would rather not have to do.  We spend lots of time at work, doing chores, running errands and they all consume a large part of our lives.  But that doesn’t mean, that in the midst of having to do these things, we can’t be consumed with our real loves, and passions. Our goals, our dreams, and visions.  They should be wide awake alive, and in our thoughts all day long while doing the mundane.  Pushing us through the not so fun stuff, until we can be doing exactly what it is we are suppose to be doing!  Do you daydream? Find yourself thinking about your passion, what your going to do next, what’s your next step in your vision to your desired goal?  Would love to hear all about it!?  Hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday!!!


Week 4~ Organization in Elfin Style


Those little guys work wonders at the North Pole! All year long, they are busy creating and bustling about in a timely, organized fashion to get Christmas off to a Magical and Festive start!  So we are going to take some tips from the little fellas up North and create our holiday magic in Elfin fashion!

We’ve got our lists, we know what we are going to do, and now we just need to break stuff down into mini-bites! Scrumptious morsels, that will get the job done, and not over load or add unwanted stress to our already chaotic lives.  It’s possible again with a little time (about an hour), a 1/2″ binder, some colored pens, and a good cup of hot cocoa! The cocoa is for the mood, relaxing, and energizing all at the same time…:)

Within your 1/2″ binder, you are going to divide it up into 6 sections.  The first 3 will be the you must have in your holidays, the next 2 will be the would like to have, and the last 1 is your “I’m trying something new” section.   I like to create a quick design on the front of each divider, a picture, title or something that jumps out at you, as to give you a quick visual of what you are wanting to accomplish for each section.  Below is an example of how my 1st divider would be:

My first section is Thanksgiving Dinner:

On the divider, I taped a photo of a simple, and elegant style that I am trying to mimic for my holiday dinner, and below it I wrote in:  Add Home made Chutney, and Cranberry sauce (I like canning, and creating my own sauces)

This photo gives me an awesome visual idea of what I am including in my meal, how I would like to decorate, as well as color schemes, settings and overall presentation.  I have a tendency to lean towards simple so this photo resonated well with me.  The next page was What the dinner will include.  After that page, the grocery list I need to make all of these tasty plates.  Then I went onto creating a list of items needed for presentation.  Such as gourds, pumpkins, water goblets, Indian corn,  a fall color table runner, as well as napkins.  Most of these items can be found reasonable priced at TJ Maxx, Marshalls, even Family Dollar has many holiday decors for less money.  Trying to achieve your desired results doesn’t have to mean going broke on the first section of your holiday binder!! Be creative and check out places you normally wouldn’t go.

By the time you are done with your first section, it should include grocery lists, decorations, recipes should be taped into the section, so you will not lose them,  and I always have a random page where I jot stuff done as they come to mind.

Continue going through your next 5 sections, putting in photos and then breaking down the photo to lists and ideas, recipes etc.  You are going to keep this list with you, pretty much every time you leave the house.  You never know when you may stop at a store and see something you love! If it’s a great deal, grab it, and cross it off your list as you go along.  That way you won’t be saying 2 weeks from now, did I buy that already?  As the holidays grow closer, our minds real with a million things to do, it’s easy to get scattered and forget what we have gotten and what we may still need.  Keeping our little holiday binder near, keeps us less likely to go off track, keeps the spending within your budget, and maintains the look and feel of what you are trying to achieve for the holidays!

I hope this article helps keep your holidays exciting, festive, and best of all stress free!!

Please feel free to write me with any comments, ideas, or other thoughts you may have!

Till next week…. Happy Friday Everyone!!

When your world goes upside down, What gives?


Just wanted to write a quick blog, in the middle of some chaos, to let everyone know that there could possibly be a break of two weeks between blogs.

I am in the middle of moving, and though it was expected, it wasn’t expected this soon! We are moving in 4 days…and yes everything must be packed! The house is completely ransacked, and you can barely move through the kitchen…But it’s getting there!

Packing has made me aware of many things.  How much garbage we accumulate, with the intent of maybe using it some day.   Or the emotional attachment that we have to it, and really when you think about it….That’s a whole lot of baggage! I can see in my future, a giant yardsale, and clean out my external space, like I have done with my internal space.  Which you know, they are actually connected.  Our state of needing to keep things for the sake of keeping them, is a strong emotional attachment to the past.  When you are trying to move forward with your life, having these such items lingering around doesn’t help to move forward.  It’s been a double whammy around here with the past shit flying into boxes and hearts remembering things we had hoped the other had moved on from.

To say the least it has been a struggle over the last few days.  It’s brought up a bunch of old emotions, that I thought were long buried.  It’s caused me unnecessary stress, anger, frustration and loneliness.  Sometimes my inability to talk, or reach out means I choose endure and suffer alone in my own confusion.  And again this all stems from the baggage we keep from old relationships, that get brought up all over again when moving and packing!

My advice to anyone who is living together…Make sure before you move in, your internal baggage is put away, cleared up, dealt with and long into the past before you move forward with someone else.  Secondly, your external reminders, If you can’t throw the stuff out, then atleast have it already packed and put away so it won’t come back to haunt you later, and the one you are now living with.  You have no idea what kinds of emotions, and frustration that causes the other, when you are trying to sneakily pack away things from the gal who was your ex, that you were involved with when we first met and even into the first year of  our relationship! BTW~ I had no idea he had another girlfriend.  Can you say blind?

I’ve learned a lot over the last 5 years, and one of them is that I know longer where blinders.  When they say that once trust is broken, it’s almost impossible to get back to where you were.  They are right.  Trust is never perfect again.  That come’s with the territory of life.  I can say this…I believe in second chances, because I am not perfect.  I believe people make mistakes, cause I make them all the time.  But I don’t believe in allowing yourself to be second to anyone, so if you have given someone your heart, and a second chance, keep your eyes open and know that there are no more chances left.  If they choose to hurt you again…I am walking, no looking back, no forgiveness, no more chances.

The Candy Striped, Sparkly, Frosted, North Pole

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I will be the first to admit that Christmas does not rank up their on my top 5 holidays!  More like St.Patrick’s Day (Good Green Beer), Thanksgiving (I can stuff my face without an excuse), Halloween (Who doesn’t like a day of silliness and being someone else),  4th of July (I’m a photographer, fireworks make awesome photos), and maybe Labor Day (Again, Day off from work with Family=Happy Me!).  Those are my top 5, but this little rant isn’t about any of those, or really even Christmas for that matter.  I try during the holiday season, to get a jump start on holiday cheer by incorporating silly things into my life, that relate to the holidays, to help get me in the spirit.  I do enjoy Holiday tv shows, Classic Christmas stories, and music, and the beautiful decorations in Downtown Portland.  (Maine’s largest city, if your not from this neck of the woods.)

I was thinking about what keeps me motivated, to continue writing, learning, studying and pursuing my dreams, goals, and inspirations.  Life has been absolutely off the charts crazy, building a house, moving from the existing house, to now moving the existing house, a mom who has some sort of Mental disorder, the doctors are leaning towards Delusional Disorder,  a job that really is a pain in the butt,  and then you have the normal everyday stuff to attempt to keep up with! Can you say mass confusion?! That’s been my life in a handbag, lately!  But it’s ok… Cause when I was thinking this morning, of what a long day ahead of me, packing and moving…I also realized that I had a shining light in me head.  A sort of North star, light at the end of the tunnel, anchor, or guiding light.  Whatever you want to call, what keeps you going towards your dream, when you are exhausted by the everyday life struggles.  We all have struggles, but they are a little easier to contend with, when you have a guiding light in the distance!

So, randomly enough, my light this morning took on the look of Santa and the North Pole.  Welcome to the holiday season always being somewhere in the back of my conscious.  It’s candy striped, with beautiful little flickers of light shining up and down the pole.  Completely surrounded with surreal, white, fluffy and not freezing snow! Only in my dreams! At the top of pole is the most brilliant, not blinding light.  It lets off a warm glow that goes for miles or days even.  As long as I can continue directing myself towards that light, my life feels lighter.  Not quite so anxious and out of my control.  It allows me a place to go when things are getting off track.  All I have to do, is close my eyes, picture my sparkly pole and I can remove myself (my emotions) to a better place where I know that I will be fine, and get through whatever I need to.

My shining light gives me the strength to sit down and write this blog, even though I know there are other things waiting for my attention.  If I chose to ignore this feeling to write, I would be directly altering my direction, and going away from my destiny.  To write is like breathing for me.  When I ignore that calling it literally effects the rest of my day.  I feel incomplete and slightly disoriented.  Following my glow allows me to have a peaceful day, even when it is busy, stressful and uncertain.  My light stays with me through out the day.  It creates a warm, fuzzy feeling in me that I think goes well beyond myself, for even when encounters with others, are stressful that light radiates through me, the situation, and to them.

In closing my blog for the morning, I would love for you to think about what your Guiding Light is?  What do you envision?  How do you stay following your light when life is less than smooth?  How does your guiding light help you to continue on your true path, and create a well lit road map to follow your true destiny?  When you are staying true to your sparkly light, what feelings and emotions are present in your life?

Look for your light and follow it, for only then will you find absolute truth, peace and happiness!

Interesting concept….

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I recently heard that sometimes in order to connect with your true inner self, you may need to disconnect completely from outside sources, folks in your life, and any other person/concept that may be interfering with your ability to connect with yourself?  In some ways, it totally makes sense, if what you are dealing with adds more stress than good, well then of course..You would definitely choose to limit your intake to negative energy.  But to completely cut yourself off from social circles, friends, family, groups etc..While you go on a hunt for your inner spirit, some how seems a bit extreme, lonely, and well I would think slightly crazy.  Going through change is hard enough, but going alone seems rather counter productive.  I surely can see the flip side, of having a quiet space to go off to, to collect your thoughts and review and gather insight into your life.  But when you come to conclusions, it has always seemed refreshing to me to be able to bounce those thoughts off a trusted friend, co-worker, family member.  Someone whom I know I can trust to be honest, and respectful of the changes I am going through..

So my question to you,  Do you think when you are going through major life shifts, it is healthy, productive, and may even speed up the process of growth and self evolvement, to seek out extended periods of aloneness? Any thoughts?


Thanks again for your input and following my journey..


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