Simply Me

The Quick Bio…

Short, to the point

I’m Shelley McNamara, writer, creator, inspired, blogger, self-directed, hippie, bohemian, earthy kinda gal.

I live in the Western Mountains of Maine.  Have lived here all my life, it’s home, my comfort zone, and where I choose to express who I am, with those around me.

My interests include (but not limited too)

My two favorite girls (Courtney ~ 24 and Victoria ~ 20), Rocks, fishing, jewelry making, beads, writing, journaling, mixed media art, collages, walks,driving aimlessly around the dirt roads of Maine (which I have come to the conclusion, you truly can’t get lost), gardening (my deep desire to become more self-reliant and less consumerized), dogs (really all animals, they love no matter what!), learning…always, reading, various art mediums, meditation, making breads, I am totally in love with making and canning Chutneys, personal growth, helping people help themselves, business and finance, green energy, less is more, simplicity creates less stress, upcycling what consumers relate as junk, composting, and well just about anything that seems to go with bohemian, hippy lifestyle, would sum me up in a nutshell…:)

Anyting else you would like to know…Just ask. I’ve been told before, I am what you see, I wear my heart on my sleeve, and all that good stuff. I really am an open book for the reading.  Feel free to drop me a line!

Facebook: Shellmcnamara or SimplyLivingLife101 (AKA Simply Living Life)


***Be Who You Are***

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  1. It’s Alright … It’s OK « CultFit
    Oct 14, 2012 @ 18:50:22

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